Being Held by His Righteous Right Hand

Isaiah 41:10 will be my theme verse during this journey.  Last night God was clearly speaking to me about the last part of this passage of scripture.

God’s right hand is the hand of honor.  The right hand was the strong hand, it was the hand that the family signet ring would be worn.  It identified the authority and the strength of the family. Of course,  scripture tells that Jesus, the son of God is setting on the right hand side of the Father.

God’s righteous right hand would be the source of justification or holiness.  God’s holiness and righteousness are the things we are to pursue in our life.  Yet, I can not achieve it on my own, only through God’s grace and by faith am I able to receive the righteousness of God.

I will never be good enough or righteous enough to earn the position of being on the right hand side of God.  But God’s grace freely gives me righteousness through Jesus Christ.

The best word in that passage is “uphold”  it means exactly what it says.   God holds us up with his righteous right hand.  He is there to help me and to strengthen me because I belong to him and I am a part of the family of God.

Yesterday was a good day.  I felt good most of the day, I had my CAT scan done and it was by far the easiest procedure I have had.  I see two Doctors today and Thursday I have surgery to install my port and feeding tube.

I offered to take my wife to a movie since I felt so good and it may be a while before we can enjoy time together.  I let her choose the movie and it was indeed a chick flick.  I was the only man in the movie!!! Out of about 75 or so women, I was the only male that had the courage to go with his wife to see this crazy movie.  We laughed together and she was glad that we had that time together.

The illustration is this, as a believer we are never alone.   We can always count on God to hold us up with his righteous right hand even when we go through trials and certain situations.

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