May 23, 2018

Janette and I visited with two doctors yesterday, so we were in the cancer center all afternoon.  It was our first time to meet the radiologist and he was very helpful in explaining the cancer, where it was and what I should expect with the radiation treatment.  I was grateful for his detail.  However, both doctors have said that this is a difficult and painful treatment. The second doctor was the oncologist and he is a believer and he is most helpful with encouragement and explaining the process of chemo therapy that I will undergo.

I was wearing my dad’s 50th anniversary ring yesterday at the doctor’s office.  Mom wanted me to have it after dad passed away.  The doctor wanted to know the significance of the ring and the three stones that are set in the ring.  I told him that it was my dad’s and that my mom had given it to him for their 50th anniversary.   I didn’t know of any significance of the three stones.  He proceeded to tell me that they reminded him of the past, the future and the present.  He went on to say that we can’t live in the past and that our future is secured in eternity, but that we live in the present.  It is a good word to remember that today is the only sure thing we have.  We will deal with life one day at a time.

One of my favorite verses that God gave us when Janette had cancer is found in  Romans 15:13.  I often quote that verse to folks who are struggling with some kind of circumstance in their life.  Today I claim that verse again. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  My hope has always been Jesus Christ.  He is the source of peace, He is the hydrant of joy.   I trust in Jesus today and will continue to do so one day at a time.

I probably won’t blog for a couple of days, but here are some future events that you can help pray me through.

  1.  Tomorrow I have surgery to put in the port and the feeding tube
  2. Next week I get a radiation mask and another CAT scan on Thursday
  3. On Friday June 1 I have some education training.
  4. On June 4th I have lab work again (got to get use to that)
  5. On June 5th I have a PET scan
  6. On June 6th I see Oncologist again
  7. On June 11 that week I should start treatment  (35 days of Chemo and 3 sessions of Chemo with one every three weeks)

So somewhere around my birthday in August, if all goes well, I should be complete with the treatment, however, the healing process could be another four weeks or so after the treatment is complete.

One big area to help pray over is how the cancer treatment will  effect my diabetes and my heart.  I’m not worried about it, but I know that both of these diseases will have to be watched carefully, so I would appreciate prayer support for that situation.

3 thoughts on “May 23, 2018

  1. Thank you for sharing, Keith. Your faith in God is a huge encouragement and testimony to me. We are praying for you and hold on to the Hope of such a marvelous and powerful God!

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  2. Keith, praying for all your concerns. Sounds like you will have plenty of opportunity to share the hope that you have. We thank God for you. Praying for both you and Janette.

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