June 4th God’s perfect timing

Thanks again for all of the prayers.   This week should be a fairly easy week. Today I have blood labs and an appointment with my cardiologist.  Tomorrow I get my PET scan and then I see the surgeon who put my port and feeding tube in.  On Wednesday I see my oncologist and I should have an idea of when the treatment will start.

I know we have all had times when you go to church and you know that sermon was just for you.  Yesterday my pastor preached a great sermon on “my praying church family.”  I didn’t realize how emotional I would be going to church yesterday.  When I saw my friends I just began to weep.  One friend has lost his wife to cancer, another is recovering from back surgery and yet another has faced cancer herself.  Suddenly I see things from a different perspective. These folks truly know how to emphasize with my pain.  But more importantly, I know they love me and they are praying with me and for me.

During the response time my wife and I both went to the floor on our knees feeling a sense of brokenness and surrender to God.

Romans 5: 6

 6 For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.

Another translation says “while we were still powerless”.   The truth is we are still weak and powerless, but praise God, Jesus died for us.  He alone justifies us, He alone gives us grace, He alone gives us hope.

My take on this verse is that the real power comes when our hearts have been poured into with the love of Christ through the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit gives us power.

Janette and I both felt refreshed and renewed after a time of worship and prayer.  God always has a right time for us.  At the right time he died for us.  At the right time he had a sermon on prayer that I needed to hear.  At the right time he placed my friends in front of me.  At the right time he allows cancer to come into my life.  In all and through all God will be glorified.

2 thoughts on “June 4th God’s perfect timing

  1. Pastor Keith, you are such an encourager, even in this incredibly hard season of life! Thank you for your testimony of God’s merciful grace and love. I count it a priviledge to stand in prayer with and for you. Hugs, Jody


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